Symbiosis Reviews


My short story, Symbiosis, in Evolve Two has received a good deal of positive attention from reviewers. 

Here’s what people are saying:


Publishers Weekly:

“a simple attempt at companionship between a lonely human and an unexpectedly endangered vampire in David Beynon's "Symbiosis.”


Innsmouth Free Press:

“The last piece of the first section, David Beynon’s “Symbiosis”, is one of the stronger pieces in the book, largely because of its streamlined (emotionally potent) structure and extraordinarily effective writing. It’s a prototypical “down and out” interchange between two characters in a world gone mad with paranoia, that’s chosen to focus its wrath on an easy target: vampires. And it’s got a great premise, which Beynon himself put best in his wrap-up: “‘Symbiosis’ arose from a news story about thermal imaging used to screen for spiking levels of fevers of clientele at a nightclub in Singapore. I wondered what they would do if they discovered someone registering as room temperature.” 


The best story in the book is, arguably, David Beynon's "Symbiosis", a splendid, insightful piece rewriting the difficult relationship between men and vampires by emphasizing their similar conditions of loneliness and need.

Peter Tennent's reveiw from UK's Black Static Magazine:

 This section of the book closes with the emotive‘Symbiosis’ by David Beynon, a sad and lonely man coming to an agreement with a hungry vampire, each attempting to give the other what he needs most, the story character driven and with a bitter sadness and compassion underneath the text.  





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