In The Works

Currently there are a number of projects on the go:

August 2016 - Doc Merl's Rolling Apothecary is completed and is looking for a home.  I've started work on the sequel (with a working title of The Legend of Luther Penn) and I've also been ruminating on The Witch, a coming of age/ homecoming full of difficult subject matter and a bible with haunted marginalia.

2015 - Herne, a psychological thriller regarding a conservation officer's last fateful summer in a remote posting, is looking for publication.

December 2014 - The Big News  - the major work that's currenty on the go is Doc Merl's Rolling Apothecary.  I was recently awarded with an Ontario Arts Council Writers' Work in Progress Grant to work on a first draft of this novel.  Out of 180 applicants, I was one of only 21 who received grants during this granting period.  Many thanks to the OAC for making it possible to focus on my work.

And then there's always these works on the back burner...

  • Gerry - Gerry is a children's story that I need to get cracking on before my own kids are too old to enjoy it.  It is the story of an orphaned giant who tries to find his place in the world.
  • Loremaster - Loremaster is epic fantasy.  The completed novel stands proudly at 163,000 words and is looking for a home.  It is a continent-spanning adventure set in a gritty, realistic world where magical things can happen.  Loremaster is a fine stand alone novel but the characters are suitably complex and the world so richly textured that the story started in this book can easily spread to two more books.  Work on the second book has already begun.
  • Patriot - this novella may be my favourite story.  The story follows the final days of a Paraguayan dictator as he moves ever closer to his execution.  As it stands, Patriot is a skeleton on which what I think a really good novel will be built.

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